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Reasons to Clean Your Business’s Windows in the Summer

As a business owner, your windows are a major investment. Just as you would ensure that your building is properly cared for on a regular basis, you should regularly clean your windows to extend their lifespan and improve your company’s atmosphere.

Regardless of how big or small your building is, there are plenty of reasons why summer is one of the best seasons to clean your windows. Learn why you should have your business’s windows cleaned in the summer with tips from the experts at ServiceMaster OneCall.

Common issues your windows may be exposed to

Throughout the year, your windows experience different elements that create a variety of problems. The following issues may be causing permanent damage to your windows, especially if they haven’t been professionally cleaned in a while.

Hard water spots and oxidation

No matter what city you conduct business from, hard water spots and oxidation buildup on your windows can lead to irreversible damage if not cleaned regularly. Hard water is full of substances such as magnesium and calcium that can bake onto the glass and cause permanent damage.

Since glass is porous, traditional window cleaning methods often won’t remove hard water or oxidation stains. A professional window cleaning team can use a specialized solution to get rid of both problems, minimizing the risk of extensive window damage.

Dirt and debris

Depending on your location, you may experience winds that pick up surrounding dirt. The debris that hits your windows can leave unsightly grime and, over time, may even cause scratching.


Windows put up with several elements throughout the year. These porous glass panes can potentially gather hard minerals, acid rain, ocean spray and other materials that can cause glass degradation over time. The etches can eventually weaken the glass, leaving them at risk of easily shattering. If you live in a disaster-prone area, like those that are susceptible to high winds, the weakened glass could be disastrous to your building.


If you have any stains accumulating on your windows, heat can be brutal. Warmer months can bake dirt, grime and particles into the glass, making it difficult to completely remove any unsightly marks. Since presenting a clean and tidy appearance is important to successful businesses, it’s important to clean your windows often to prevent any permanent damage.

Benefits of cleaning your windows in the summer

Since heat can bake on any existing dirt, debris and water stains, it’s best that you have them professionally cleaned before the hottest summer months arrive. That way, you can revitalize your company’s appearance while also protecting your investments from damage. Along with providing a better building experience, there are several other benefits of cleaning your company’s windows.

Promote a brighter environment

Cleaner windows refresh your business by bringing in extra light. With a brighter atmosphere, you may see results like increased employee performance and good first impressions from your customers.

Increase the lifespan of your windows

Windows that are cleaned on a regular basis are not as likely to experience etching or excessive corrosion, which could lead to weakened structures down the line.

Maintain the efficiency of your windows

Cleaned windows bring more natural light into the building. They also maintain their strength, allowing you to work without worrying about any window damage. By having your windows cleaned regularly, you can reduce any costs associated with maintenance or window replacements due to weakened glass panes.

If you’re ready to see the benefits associated with having clean windows, call the professionals at ServiceMaster OneCall. Our janitorial cleaning services include deep window cleaning to ensure your investments sparkle and shine. With the proper tools and expertise to thoroughly clean and maintain your windows this summer, we can help bring life back to your building.

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